How to Create a Parking Management App

In today’s world, parking management has become an essential part of business operations. The parking management software can help you to manage your parking lots efficiently and effectively. It enables the organizations to solve many issues related to the parking lot like traffic congestion, illegal parking, etc.

1. Discovery and Ideation Phase

In the discovery and ideation phase, you’ll need to identify the problem your parking app will solve. Asking yourself questions like these can help you come up with an idea for your

  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Who is our target audience?
  •  What do they want from this app?

2. Configuration of the Parking Management Application Staging Environment

Now that you clearly understand the problem you want to solve, it’s time to configure your  parking management application staging environment. The first step in configuring your
parking management application is to define the directory structure where all files will be stored. This includes the source code, supporting images, and other resources that need to beloaded into memory when running the application. The best practice for organizing this directory structure is based on function rather than location.

3. Integration of Parking Management Software

A parking management system will help you optimize parking spots across the city. The app should show available parking spots and booking choices starting from hourly, daily, and monthly parking. Ensure to include:

  • Integration with reservation feature. The user will use this to book their spots,especially during peak times. This can help increase sales and reduce wait times during busy weekends or holidays.
  • Payment processing software integration: Integrate a payment procedure that will be as seamless as possible. It would be best if you aimed to keep transactions at a minimum to reduce delays in pay points.
  • Ticketing management software integration: Ensure your app can issue digital tickets. Depending on your budget and skill, you may choose to go for a SAas parking management system or, even better, get a bespoke software tailor-made parking management application from us!

Features of Good Parking Management Software

You should be aware of the many features of good parking management software. The key ones are:

  • Support for all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.
  • Automated ticket generation, which can be customized to your needs.
  • Customizable rules for parking tickets, including length of time allowed for each type of vehicle and whether or not the car owner has paid their fee.

4. Integration of License Plate Recognition Software

LPR is a technology that automatically reads license plates and compares them against a database. This will help you track and manage your customers’ vehicles in real-time and alert you if someone leaves the property without paying for parking. LPR is also useful for parking management because it helps you keep track of events in real-time. You can see who’s parked where, when they arrived and left, and how long they stayed.

5. Testing the App

Once you’re happy with your app’s functionality and usability, it’s time to test it. This is where things get a little tricky; it will involve testing all aspects of the parking app remotely or manually. Make sure to include experts not part of the development team to assess the UX of your app. It would help if you also gauged the parking app’s usability through simulation exercises. It’s important to remember that there are many different parking management apps on the market, and you can search for one that works best with your needs. In our experience,
however, a tailor-made solution for parking woes works best. Get in touch with us, and we’ll solve your problem.

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