BatteryXchange Software Development Case Study

The Opportunity BatteryXchange is a leading smartphone battery exchange platform in the country, offering clients access to a network of battery charging kiosks nationwide, enabling them to quickly recharge on-the-go and save valuable time and resources. The Charlotte-based company approached PLECCO to develop a comprehensive website and mobile application to support its battery exchange services. The Solution We developed a Battery Rental Application with the aim of providing a seamless

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Xceleration – A Case Study

Recent research into the role of recognition in employee performance has revealed that it plays a crucial role in their productivity. Companies with reward and recognition programs see a 63% increase in productivity. Their profit margins are higher by an almost similar percentage. Such companies are also more likely to retain their workers. Employee reward programs go beyond financial incentives, simple pay bumps, and end-year bonuses. Human beings are more

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