The New And Improved BatteryXchange

Exciting news from PLECCO as we announce the rebranding of our client BatteryXchange! This was a team effort from start to finish, as we worked closely with the BXE team to understand their business goals for this rebranding project.


Our design team got to work on creating a UI/UX experience aligned with BXE’s goals. This involved designing layouts, icons, and buttons for each screen, focusing on creating a sleek and user-friendly interface.


One highlight of the project was the creation of several map icon concepts, which gave BXE the option to choose the perfect design that best represented their brand.


With the design phase complete, our development team then updated the mobile app’s user interface and user experience using the final designs for both the Android and iOS platforms.


The result? A sleek and modern app that perfectly aligns with BXE’s goals and brand image. We are thrilled to have launched this exciting project and can’t wait for users to experience the new and improved BatteryXchange app.


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