Technology Consultation

Technology is constantly changing, and keeping pace with its rapid advances can be difficult. Plecco Technologies can serve as your mentor to get you from where you are to where you need to be. We will help you receive maximum benefit from your technology investments. Once your company has achieved full use of your new information systems and processes, your staff will be more productive and your company will provide a higher quality of customer service.

Diagnostic Review and Technology Assessment/Business Process Re-engineering

We assess the overall effectiveness of your existing information systems technology, identifying technical, operational, and managerial areas that need improvement. We also analyze your current business processes, looking for redundant and non-value-added tasks. Having obtained a complete picture of your systems, our consultants will develop systems and processes that optimize your information technology and resources.

System Security Assessment

Plecco Technologies helps diagnose possible weaknesses in your key internal operating system platforms in both the technology and management controls. We review the configuration files for each your operating systems and middleware components for how effectively they provide access for authorized users and prevent and detect unauthorized attempts. We also review the security management controls covering policy, organization, personnel, asset classification and control, physical security, access control, network and computer management, business continuity, system development and maintenance, and compliance. After thorough research, our consultants issue a report describing the strengths and weaknesses we find with recommendations for short and long term improvements.

Project Management

Plecco Technologies offers a range of project management services. Our consultants work with you to tailor a project plan that meets your goals and objectives. Our consultants will work with you to determine the resources needed to complete the project, avoiding wasted staff time. We draw up a detailed, step-by-step plan of every project, specifying our aims before implementing them—that way there are no surprises. We will then guide you through every phase of the project and complete the project on time. We also offer training in management tools to help you control costs and manage risks associated with complex projects.