Music Here, Music There, Music Everywhere - Google Music

On the forefront of technology, you can always find Google. Creating innovative products is just what Google does which is why I'm such as avid fan of the group. I'm usually up on my techie stuff but I some how let this last innovative product past me. That's why it's a good to have techie friends that stay plugged in to what's happen in the tech world as well because they I'm always finding out from them the things I might have missed. So what am I talking about? Well, I'm talking about Google's new product that's still in beta mode. It's been out for some time now but I'm just getting with the program. It's called Google Music. This app is what I've been waiting for for a long time. What this app does is just amazing!

Google music allows you to upload your entire digital music collection to their servers or what they are now calling the Cloud. Once in the cloud, you can play your music collection anywhere. Using their downloadable app you can play your music collection on your smart phone while your at the school library or Starbucks or work. You can play your music on your laptop using any internet connected browser, and you'll probably be able to play one day in your car with a Google enable radio (For that matter if you have the cables you can probably already do this using your smart phone). For that freedom of enjoyment I love this app.

Definitely, if you love music the way I do I suggest that you go and sign up for an account now at Currently they are allowing you to create accounts by request only because it's in beta mode, but I think they are pretty liberal with giving out these accounts you just have to put in a request and then you'll be notified when you can join. Believe me it's worth the wait. It took a little over a week for me to receive my invitation and it was well worth it!